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Author: Fujoujoshi
Far away in a cold land lived people who worshiped a woman known as the ice saint. Admired by her male followers for her huge breasts and shapely figure, legend says that she will awaken from her two-hundred year slumber if a crisis befalls their country. However, her chastity may be in crisis long ..
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Author: Fujoujoshi
A daring (but dead broke) adventurer gambles on a suspiciously cheap recruit for some dungeoneering. His new traveling companion is a voluptuous, taciturn witch named Necri who's capable in battle but a little short on social skills. Wondering if he can profit off her naivete, the hero pushes the en..
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Author: Fujoujoshi
The nameless hero and his sexy witch party member/fucktoy continue on their journey, but Necri faces various misadventures involving some monsters' throbbing appendages. And just wait until her partner finds out about a spell in her arsenal that can enhance certain male parts.....
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