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Great Mosu
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Artist: Great Mosu
Even though it's against the school rules for students to date, Tsukimi and Takagi have been going steady in secret for a whole 6 months. On a date at the amusement park, they finally share their first kiss, only for it to be caught on camera by an interloper. When the would-be paparazzo threatens t..
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Artist: Great Mosu
Sweet, shy Tsukimi is still spending lots of quality time with her beloved Takagi, but her dates are always interrupted by the meddling Kirishima calling her out for sex wherever and whenever. To her surprise, Kirishima suddenly dumps her one day after a round of intense fucking - but will she enjoy..
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Artist: Great Mosu
Hayato is constantly bullied at school, but the tables turn when his bully suddenly becomes a girl!..
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