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Haiba Nemumi
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Electric Footsie Mandagi-san
Artist: Haiba Nemumi
Ever since Yanaka was young, he's had a thing for feet. It all began when a game of the popular kids' pastime, the "electric massage", went "wrong". But when Yanaka is reunited with his childhood friend Sakura Mandagi again in high school, things start to get frisky when she reminisces about old tim..
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Electric Footsie Mandagi-san's Sister
Artist: Haiba Nemumi
After spending her high school years as an anti-social goody two-shoes, college was supposed to be Sumire's chance to open up and finally lose her virginity. When she catches Nihori sniffing her jacket, she pounces on the opportunity given to her... feet.*Files are available in 2371x and 3084x forma..
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