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Artist: Hetata
I thought my parents were normal. That is, until the day I found that SD card with a video of my mother on it. It turns out she's a sex slave of some guy I've never met before, and my father knows about it. To top it all off, she won't even let me have sex with her!*This work is available in 1000px ..
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Artist: Hetata
Hideto's wife is young and pretty, but he feels that something is missing from her sex life—another man.Artist Statement:Hi everyone, I'm Hetata. Thanks to Irodori Comics, an English version of my doujin is finally available, and I hope you will enjoy it...
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Artist: Hetata
Mayu keeps doing anything she can to arouse her husband. She films herself having sex with other men, so that he can watch and get turned on at his leisure...
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Artist: Hetata
When moving to a new neighborhood, it’s important to get to know the neighbors. For this couple, all those new neighbors just happen to be old men. They’re certainly friendly enough, even inviting the young couple on an excursion to the hot springs. Hubby has work to do but surely his wife can handl..
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Artist: Hetata
After having sex with the older men in the neighborhood, a housewife realizes that she can never go back to normal sex with her husband. She only gets real pleasure from sinking further into depravity. Deeper and deeper she goes, and the locals get to share in the enjoyment...
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