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Kikuichi Monji
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Artist: Kikuichi Monji
Natsuki’s sitting on a big, thick secret. When she is confronted by three young men, she comes clean…to become their sex pig!..
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Boyfriend for a Sugar Baby Futa Girl
Artist: Kikuichi Monji
When Yuuki’s confronted by Kazuya about her extracurricular activities as a sugar baby, she offers to get him off to keep it a secret, and then gets him off again, and again, and again…..
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Sugar for a Daddy Hungry Futa Girl
Artist: Kikuichi Monji
Itsuki makes ends meet by entertaining her numerous sugar daddies. Tonight, she's put on some sexy lingerie for a hot threesome!Artist Statement: Hello, my name is Kikuichi Monji. Thank you for purchasing this work. The works I usually create are pretty hardcore, so this particular one is one o..
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