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Kurokawa Otogi

Author: Kurokawa Otogi
Word's out at school about a newly-developed drug that can make young women lactate, kicking off a new wave of camgirls trying to reel in dairy-crazy viewers. One day, Shiro's friend shows a clip of one of his favorite stars, and Shiro can't help but notice her shocking resemblance to his next-door ..
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Author: Kurokawa Otogi
After buying a lactation-inducing pill on a dare, Hibisato ends up hooked and spends night after night playing with her milky tits 'til sunrise. She tries to quit cold turkey for the sake of her sleep schedule, but the urge hits her at school, and a concerned classmate - who also happens to be her c..
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Author: Kurokawa Otogi
After missing out on an all-you-can-eat dessert buffet, childhood friends Asa, Rina, and Toya are offered a new dessert to try for free, only to find it has some surprising side-effects. Like lactating breasts. Can Toya rise to the occasion and help his friends?..
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Author: Kurokawa Otogi
Chika's already amazing at giving titjobs, but will happen when she accidentally eats a breast milk booster...?..
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Author: Kurokawa Otogi
Tsukifune's looking for part-time work so she can earn money for a vacay with her besties, and gets referred to a cushy hostess job at a bar owned by her rich classmate Narumiya. She suspects that he might have ulterior motives, but lets it slide for the hefty paycheck... and it ends up being Narumi..
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