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Kurumi Moka

My New Naughty Stepsister Is Gonna Teach Me!?
Author: Kurumi Moka
Yuto prefers to be alone, even when Himeno, the hottest student at the academy, has her eyes on him. And with Himeno now his stepsister, how can he say no to such a beauty who wants him?..
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Author: Kurumi Moka
Kasumi and Takuma have a promise 12 years in the making. Their love is honest and pure, but when something threatens to get them expelled, how far is Kasumi willing to go to prevent it?..
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Author: Kurumi Moka
Kasumi's private lessons with the vice-principal continue, but she's determined to prove that she's still capable of a normal relationship with her one true love. Surely her love is strong enough to resist that pervert, right?..
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