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miki OORO
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Hello, my name is miki OORO and I'm a hentai mangaka based in Fukuoka. I love cats. This is the first time my doujinshi is being sold overseas so it's an exciting moment for me.

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Artist: miki OORO
This collection features 3 works by miki OORO:Skipping Class for Housewife AssDescription: Skip class. Spend all afternoon cumming inside of a sexy housewife. Repeat.Original Title: 人妻のお昼休み (HITODUMA NO OHIRUYASUMI)Page count: 10Having a Housewife AfternoonDescription: Some housewives take afte..
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Artist: miki OORO
Kiyohara goes over to Miyuki’s house every few days to hook up. But when a friend of his shares a hot new porno he found, the actress happens to look a lot like Miyuki… What could she be up to when he’s not around?Artist Statement :From my experience with commercial titles, I realized that the peopl..
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Artist: miki OORO
It’s never fun being stuffed into a full train on the morning commute. That is, unless the bodies rubbing up against you belong to some particularly thicc girls who are more than happy to throw you into the mix. One passenger is about to have a very lucky day!..
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