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Author: Moburaibu
On a dungeon crawl one day, a necromancer finds something better than treasure - a busty fighter girl. With a little bit of magic "injection," he turns her into his own pet jiangshi, one who can fight... and fuck!*This work is available in 1800x. ..
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Author: Moburaibu
After settling into a quiet life in the ogre village with his buff ogre girlfriend, the adventurer suddenly gets summoned to meet the ogre chief. The busty, muscular ogre chief. This might be one sexual opponent the adventurer can't beat.....
Ex Tax:$7.95
Author: Moburaibu
While traveling as an adventurer, I lost to an ogre in battle and was brought back to her camp to be used for breeding. I may have lost in combat, but maybe I can beat her with sexual prowess...*This work is available in 1800x. ..
Ex Tax:$7.25
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