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My Childhood Sweetheart Was Ensnared by an Upperclassman's Huge Cock
Artist: Munioni
Hiroto and Kyoko have loved each other for a long time, but when things finally make it to the bedroom, one of them winds up disappointed. An upperclassman forces his way into the mix and tests Kyoko's loyalty. How long can she last when he's driving her crazy in ways her boyfriend never could?..
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My Childhood Sweetheart Was Ensnared by an Upperclassman's Huge Cock 2
Artist: Munioni
Kyoko is enjoying a trip to the hot springs with some friends. She tells them about a nightmare she had in which she shamefully cheated on her loving boyfriend, Hiroto, and how the two of them are having problems in bed. Things take a turn when the man in Kyoko's dream appears before her very eyes. ..
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Artist: Munioni
Despite all the love she has for Jun, Kyoko finds herself returning back to Jun for more and more perverted acts of pleasure. Determined to show her how little Hiroto truly knows about her, Jun sets up a twisted game show. For each answer Hiroto gets wrong about his own girlfriend, there’s a price t..
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My Life As A Cum Slave In Another World
Artist: Munioni
Hinata gets transported to another world... as a man. As he learns his way around this new world, a pair of succubi have other plans for this femboy. Will he be able to resist their temptations, or will he give up his dreams of being a hero and become a non-stop cum slave?..
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The Face of a Wife Gone Wild
Artist: Munioni
Yumi's husband surprises her with a deluxe vacation for her anniversary present, and what's more, he was able to book the entire hotel with his boss' help. Yumi tries to make full use of the situation by initiating some sexy time in the public bath, but her husband leaves her high and dry. When his ..
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