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My Harem in Another World Season 1 Episode 1

My Harem in Another World Season 1 Episode 1
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Ootori Mahiro has decided to make this work FREE TO READ on the Irodori Comics Store!*
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After reading this work for free, you can buy the My Harem in Another World Season 1 Anthology for 50% OFF via the Online Reader discount!
The Anthology conatins all 4 chapters of Season 1 along with some Anthology exclusive bonus content.

We hope this initiative will encourage more people to check out the quality of officially localized English doujinshi.

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Ichiro Tadano, a white collar worker, walks through the streets of Japan, trying to use his money he just got from pay day. He runs into a cute girl that's trying to promote a phone game, which he happily downloads. Only, it wasn't a normal game. The phone absorbs him, and he finds himself waking up in a brothel as the richest man in the world with three beautiful women. Did they mention they were virgins?

Artist Intrerview

Read the Ootori Mahiro Interview here!

  • Author: Ootori Mahiro
  • Pages: 48
  • Japanese Title: 僕の異世界ハーレム
  • Romaji Title: BOKU NO ISEKAI HAREM


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* The contents of this work is a work of fiction. All characters depicted herein are at least 18 years of age despite creative liberties on the part of the author that may suggest otherwise. This work is not intended for sale to minors.
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