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But I Loved Her... Summer Chapter: My Cheerleader Friend Got Taken by a Foreign Student (Part 2)
Artist: Neginegio
Both Akkun's sister and his childhood friend are completely enraptured by Torunga, the foreign exchange student. He has no idea, even when things are going on in his own house! That is, until things get a little too out of hand and he just has to find out what's going on.....
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But I Loved Her... Summer Chapter: My Cheerleader Friend got Taken by a Foreign Student!
Artist: Neginegio
Akkun is about to confess to his childhood friend, cheerleader Yui! But before he gets the chance, she falls for the hunky foreign student Torunga. Mustering up all his courage, Akkun invites Yui to the beach, but she's bringing along a new friend.....
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Crazy Wife: The Creeping Darkness
Artist: Neginegio
Sakura is a newlywed that had to a break from university to raise her child. Everything seems to be going well until a foreign delivery guy comes asking her for directions…..
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Horny Wife; Infertile Husband
Artist: Neginegio
Akemi just got married, and now she wants a kid! Unfortunately, her husband doesn't seem able to give her one, and, as of late, he's so tired from work that he can't even muster the energy to have sex with her. Let's just hope that nobody takes advantage of this attractive, defenseless, and sexually..
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