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Don't Cum Till I Count to Ten! -Gyaru Femboy Saaya part 3-

Don't Cum Till I Count to Ten! -Gyaru Femboy Saaya part 3-
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Kousuke's dad is out of the house for a few days, which means plenty of alone time with his new mommy, Saaya! She's gonna be cooking for him and even bathing with him... wait, why the sexy swimsuit!? Things are getting even steamier than usual, and it's up to the extra-pampered Kousuke to hang in till the very end!

  • Author: Binto
  • Pages: 25
  • Japanese Title: 10まで数えるっす!
  • Romaji Title: JUU MADE KAZOERUSSU!
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* The contents of this work is a work of fiction. All characters depicted herein are at least 18 years of age despite creative liberties on the part of the author that may suggest otherwise. This work is not intended for sale to minors.
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