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Author: Norigorou
Short comics, illustrations and extra goodies galore in this compilation for the full color series "Imaizumi Brings All The Gyarus To His House"!..
Ex Tax:$28.25
Author: Norigorou
Akihito gives in to his urges and takes the virginity of his best friend's little sister!..
Ex Tax:$8.25
Author: Norigorou
Some gyarus have decided to use Imaizumi's house as a gathering spot to play video games and eat snacks. When Reina gets bored with video games, she sets her sights on another toy in the house: Imaizumi himself...Artist Statement:Hello everone, My name is Norigorou. I'm very excited to see my work g..
Ex Tax:$10.95
Author: Norigorou
Imaizumi and his gyaru classmates continue their sexual escapades. This time at a hot spring resort! 69 pages of full color awesomeness awaits!..
Ex Tax:$11.95
Author: Norigorou
Imaizumi's daily life of having sex with three beautiful girls continues, and they've prepared a special birthday surprise!..
Ex Tax:$12.25
Author: Norigorou
With the appearance of Reina's older sister Lisa, will Imaizumi's harem be in jeopardy or will more sexy shenanigans ensue!?..
Ex Tax:$13.95
Author: Norigorou
One afternoon, Mai-senpai invited me to go practice our instruments together after school. It made me happy to be invited because I really like her, but it turns out she had a completely different after-school activity planned.....
Ex Tax:$10.95
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