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Onaka Emi
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Artist Introduction

My name is Onaka Emi. I like to draw dominant girls with submissive guys.

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Saya Becomes a Sadist Lvl. 2
Coming Soon! Romance Centric
Artist: Onaka Emi
Saya and Makura go on a nighttime stroll with a sexy twist...
Ex Tax:$5.25
Saya Becomes a Sadist
New! Romance Centric
Artist: Onaka Emi
Saya’s boyfriend Makura is afraid of what she’ll think of him once he admits he’s a masochist, but is met with a pleasant surprise.Artist StatementThis is a story about a couple exploring S&M together for the first time. I hope you can enjoy their nervousness and their relation!..
Ex Tax:$7.95
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