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Good GF Gone Bad

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Even though it's against the school rules for students to date, Tsukimi and Takagi have been going steady in secret for a whole 6 months. On a date at the amusement park, they finally share their first kiss, only for it to be caught on camera by an interloper. When the would-be paparazzo threatens to show the faculty, Tsukimi, being the good girl she is, goes along with his demands in order to preserve her and her boyfriend's academic standing.

Artist Statement:

Hello, I'm Great Mosu.
Thank you for purchasing a copy of Good GF Gone Bad!
I never could've imagined when drawing this that it would end up being read by those overseas, so I'm very grateful that you've given it a look.
I'm also a bit anxious to see whether it's received well, though. I put my all into making it, so if you enjoyed it, I'd be thrilled to hear from you!
I'm in the middle of creating a sequel, so I hope you're looking forward to it!

Pages: 36

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