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Sekiya Asami
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Artist: Sekiya Asami
An expanded alternate retelling of Sekiya Asami's "Instant Succubus ~Zero~". Misuzu the succubus sets her sights on Kon and marks him as her favored source of "nourishment". Feeling a bit sorry for taking his virginity, she transforms into the girl he likes before his very eyes. But who even is this..
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Artist: Sekiya Asami
The sequel to Instant Succubus, the alternative retelling of Instant Succubus Zero.  Kon offers his body up to Misuzu to make sure she keeps his secret, but is that really the only reason he's letting her have her way?..
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Artist: Sekiya Asami
Misuzu the succubus visits Kon almost every week for nourishment. Although he "feeds" her every time, he still seems somewhat reluctant. Just what kind of relationship do these two have?We'll be releasing the expanded alternate retelling: "Instant Succubus" soon! Stay tuned!Artist Statement: He..
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Artist: Sekiya Asami
While B the incubus is showing Yuzuru more attention, she can’t shake the feeling that he’s only interested in her for her body. (Sequel to “Midday Demon”)..
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Artist: Sekiya Asami
(Sequel to "Midnight Invader") Yuzuru didn't expect to see B the incubus again, but he agrees to invite her over to his house. While he shows her his "human" side, he's still a sex demon at heart...
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Artist: Sekiya Asami
Rumors have been going around about how to summon a sex demon. This is a peek into the nights of two girls who decided to try the ritual themselves.....
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