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Siberian Hahasky

My Mom, My Love 6
Kaori comes across some old outfits from her school days, and naturally things get heated up with Yuta when she tries them on...
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Yuta's been keeping a secret from his mother. He's in love with her—horny thoughts included. But after she discovers his secret, she still accepts him for how he is. A mother's love knows no bounds, but what lines will be crossed?..
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Yuta's been having so much "fun" with this mother that his grades have started to slip. She finds out one day and doesn't let him have sex with her for the next two weeks so he can focus on his upcoming finals. It's tough, but if he places in the top 100 of his grade, there's a sweet, sweet reward w..
Ex Tax:$8.95
The third installment of Siberian Hahasky's "My Mom, My Love" series.Yuta goes on a trip to the beach with his mom, who wears a tiny old swimsuit because she didn't have time to go buy a new one that fits properly. She's oblivious to all the stares she's getting and even gets hit on by a couple of s..
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After a whole day of fun in the sun, Yuta and Kaori go for a relaxing soak in the inn's hot spring. With the whole hot spring to themselves, one thing leads to another, and they can't get their hands off each other.....
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Yuta goes to his Grandma’s house with his family, so he hasn’t been able to have sex with Kaori for a few days. But what else is there to do when you’re hot, sweaty, and horny in the countryside? How soon will it be until Yuta and Kaori give in to temptation?..
Ex Tax:$9.95
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