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Author: Syukuriin
Classmates Mayama and Inori spend their lunches bonding over their love for books—and each other! It's too bad their relationship hasn't gone unnoticed by the biggest (and hottest) bastard this side of Tokyo.....
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Author: Syukuriin
While Inori takes time off from school to process her feelings about what happened, Mayama makes a new 'friend' at lunch. Now, Inori is going to have even more feelings to process as she's used as a fuck buddy and pawn in Youta's plans!..
Ex Tax:$11.95
Author: Syukuriin
Always looking towards the next conquest, Youta finally sees an opportunity to get his hot model classmate Nicole to sleep with him. All that's left is to melt her guarded exterior with his sexual prowess! Meanwhile, their classmate Mayama remains clueless while all of his girls are stolen from him...
Ex Tax:$15.95
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