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Takatsuki Shuuya
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Saria needs to go into sleep mode for some quick maintenance, and her master can't help but take advantage of her prone position. Unfortunately, the injection of his "data" causes his android maid to engage in some erratic behavior. She needs a sperm sample to troubleshoot the problem... and she isn..
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Mitsuru Sakura can’t catch a break. His grades are lousy, he’s never had a girlfriend, and his crush won’t give him the time of day — not to mention the busty demon hanging over his shoulder, waiting to devour his soul. Frustrated in more ways than one, Mitsuru lashes out, but that misguided move me..
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As if Mitsuru already had enough to deal with, now he's faced with a half-demon, half-vampire who's hellbent on securing his soul if only for her to monopolize her beloved Puellaria all to herself. And so she goes on to sealing him in a dream world where she manifests as a sultry temptress that make..
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