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Tatsunami Youtoku
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twin Milf-additional episode 外傳+1 (實體同人誌)
New! Irodori Feng-Li
在描繪美艷巨乳熟女雙胞胎浪蕩性生活的《twin Milf》連載結束三年後,那對雙胞胎終於回來了!這次是直接承襲第二集完結篇後的續集,在那之後,美女雙胞胎們也依舊過著沒羞沒躁的性愛日常。這個小插曲不太會出現什麼令人震驚的事實或展開,獻給喜愛爆乳熟女和雙胞胎愛愛的朋友!如果需要電子版作品請點選這邊※ 作品頁面的預覽圖皆為使用3D程式建立的樣品,並非實際的實際的作品厚度,請多注意。..
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When his dad has a night shift and is out of the house, it's time for Yuuta to have some fun with his MILF of a mother. She's a married woman, his first love, and his mother. As the saying goes, "Moms do know best". ..
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Maman sait ce qui est bon pour toi (FRENCH)
Irodori Citron
*This work is in French. For the English version, click here.Synopsis : Tomo et sa copine Naoko se disputent. Puis elle sort et s’en va, complètement furieuse. La mère de Tomo arrive à point nommé pour le réconforter… Seulement, ils ont une manière bien à eux de passer du bon temps entre m..
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Tomo's mother, Manami, comes over to check up on him. After witnessing him and his girlfriend break up, Manami decides to give her son a little motherly love.....
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Manami comes over to Tomo's place for a surprise visit. Tomo has a date planned with his girlfriend, so whatever happens has to happen quickly!..
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Takashi has a fetish: filming himself having sex and showing those videos to people. And now, of all people, he's dating his best friend's mom.....
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In Takashi's new sex tape, he and his best friend's mom make love at every part of the house, including the living room, kitchen, and even the front door...!..
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The second girlfriend I've ever had turned out to be... the mother of my first!? After moving to a new apartment for college, we happened to be next door neighbors by chance, and well... it's important to be neighborly, isn't it? What started with meeting for lunch turned into daily sex marathons an..
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twin Milf 1er épisode additionnel (FRENCH)
Irodori Citron
*This work is in French. For the English version, click here.Synopsis : Yumi et Nami sont deux femmes mûres, rondes et séduisantes. Un jour, les deux jumelles acceptent de tourner des plans très suggestifs avec le jeune Shinji à la caméra, pour remonter le moral d'un certain Naoto. Pendant le t..
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Shinji, being the good friend that he is, decides to make a video message starring the voluptuous twins Yumi and Nami, for his recently-dumped friend, Naoto. But seeing the twins in their bikinis might just change the video message to a porno... Twin Milf Additional Episode +1 is Tatsunami Youtoku's..
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twin Milf-additional episode 外傳+1 (CHINESE)
Irodori Feng-Li
在描繪美艷巨乳熟女雙胞胎浪蕩性生活的《twin Milf》連載結束三年後,那對雙胞胎終於回來了!這次是直接承襲第二集完結篇後的續集,在那之後,美女雙胞胎們也依舊過著沒羞沒躁的性愛日常。這個小插曲不太會出現什麼令人震驚的事實或展開,獻給喜愛爆乳熟女和雙胞胎愛愛的朋友!From Tatsunami Youtoku: 這次,我的作品出版了官方的中文版。可以讓華文圈內的各位讀者們享受我的作品這件實在是非常的開心。本作的故事是和兩位既美貌又有著巨乳的雙胞胎女性們滿懷愛意地膩在一起的輕鬆劇情。希望能夠因此增加更多喜愛巨乳,來自四海的好夥伴們!..
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