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Wes Heartland Smith
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Ayumu finally gets his chance to nab Risu when she announces that she broke up with her boyfriend, but he ends up in a love triangle when one of her male coworkers begins to develop a hopeless crush on her...
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To make it as a famous cosplayer, you have to be willing to do anything, including sleeping with the smelliest, ugliest influencer around. Cosplayer Chitose "Raki" Ogawa stopped caring about anime and manga a long time ago. All she cares about now is the fame and the adoration, and she's willing to ..
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Kengo's friend Omura knows about his NTR fetish and encourages him to make it a reality by letting him score with his athletic girlfriend. Kengo hesitantly goes through with it, but he's seeing less and less of her since the incident... Could Omura be why?Artist Statement:Hello everyone, Wes Heartla..
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The women of the volleyball team are doing their best to reach the national level competition. That leads to a lot of pent-up stress. Fortunately, they’ve got a team manager who’s eager to support them in any way he can. He’s willing to put his body on the line, even with women who absolutely tower ..
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When Risu catches a pervert taking creepshots of her underwear, she offers an equal trade: He gets off scot-free in exchange for his virginity. Turns out the little weirdo is actually kind of cute, so she decides to take him on a date, but what happens when her nosy boyfriend tries to muscle in?..
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Kanae takes up food delivery when her husband loses his job, but she never expected to see Makio, the loner guy she turned down in high school. He promises to give her a big tip every time she delivers for him, and an even bigger tip for extra services…..
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When Nanase's substitute coach threatens to expose her secret to her boyfriend, she reluctantly lets him have his way with her body. Slowly but surely, she becomes addicted to their affair... ..
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Nanase continues her affair with her substitute coach, even while the guilt of cheating on her boyfriend eats away at her. Although she loves her boyfriend, her body is addicted to the kinky sex she has with the disgusting man. Will she continue to live with the painful secret, or...?..
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