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Yagino Mekichi

I Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love You! ver. 2
Author: Yagino Mekichi
When someone approaches Akane to ask about her conversion from her simple old life to the flashy girl she is today, she thinks back to another day spent with Kouta. She lives to make him happy, being her one true love, but just how mutual is that feeling?..
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Author: Yagino Mekichi
Akane has always believed in fate and the idea of finding her one true love. When something happens to challenge her faith, she struggles to hold on to her beliefs. Can a boy at school provide her with the answer she needs? She's willing to give it all to find out!..
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Author: Yagino Mekichi
Sumire is going to need even more help than usual this semester. Luckily for our favorite emotionless fuck-doll, she has a classmate who's more than willing to give it!..
Ex Tax:$9.25
Author: Yagino Mekichi
Takashi meets the quiet and emotionless Sumire over summer break. She just moved into the neighborhood and there's a lot of things she doesn't know. It's up to Takashi to teach her a lot of new things over the summer.....
Ex Tax:$9.25
Author: Yagino Mekichi
Sexy, stone-faced Sumire is back for a second helping of steamy-hot summer fun, featuring swimsuits, summer festivals, and—of course!—lots and lots of sex!..
Ex Tax:$10.95
Author: Yagino Mekichi
When Takahiko and his childhood friend-turned-wife have to live separately for a while, he has no suspension that his perfect life would ever change. But when he comes back, he's met with the sight of his "modest" wife breading like animals with another man.....
Ex Tax:$10.25
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