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Author: Yamakumo
Azuma fucks more hot women in the village when he attends an assembly!..
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Author: Yamakumo
Rinka sets out to make things right by preventing a friend's sex tape from getting leaked. The playboy Usui offers Rinka his help, but only in exchange for sex!..
Ex Tax:$9.25
Author: Yamakumo
Takashi is overcome with shock once he finds out that his childhood friend has discovered the pleasures of sex...
Ex Tax:$6.25
Author: Yamakumo
After Takashi discovers Rinka's dark secret, will he come to terms with what she's done, or will his love for her disappear?  ..
Ex Tax:$11.95
Author: Yamakumo
When Yuu’s distant (and attractive!) relative Amane moves in with his family, things between the two of them couldn’t be more awkward. But Yuu is determined to make her feel welcome. Just as their relationship seems to be improving, Yuu’s best friend expresses an interest in Amane. There’s no way Am..
Ex Tax:$11.25
Author: Yamakumo
Azuma moves to a remote village where a man is showered with praise for having sex. He takes this opportunity to fuck everyone and contribute to the village!..
Ex Tax:$6.95
Author: Yamakumo
Kazu accidentally finds out his wife Mitsuki's having an affair through images on a shared folder. Wanting more solid proof of his wife cheating, Kazu places a hidden camera in their bedroom to catch her in the act.....
Ex Tax:$8.25
Author: Yamakumo
Kazu is distraught by the discovery of his wife's affair to the point where he can't stop surveilling her. When he finally confronts her lover, he learns that his wife was never as innocent as he thought...
Ex Tax:$13.25
Author: Yamakumo
The weekend has arrived in the village and Azuma is hard at work with all the girls!..
Ex Tax:$8.25
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