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Yamamoto Tomomitsu

Little Miss Serious and Mister Freedom 2
New! Irodori Aqua
Little Miss Serious and Mister Freedom are back! In this volume, find out more about this couple and how they spend their daily life together!..
Ex Tax:$6.45
Little Miss Serious and Mister Freedom 1
Irodori Aqua
An ongoing series featuring a couple who are complete opposites, yet belong together.Artist Statement: This is a slice of life story about Little Miss Serious, a short, no-nonsense girl and her tall, footloose boyfriend Mister Freedom. They have their differences, but ultimately love each other..
Ex Tax:$6.45
The super-serious student council president Minoru and Rumi, his right hand and vice president protect the peace and ensure students are following the rules. One of their missions is to stop indecent sexual acts within the school, but they form a secret relationship and perform a few indecent acts o..
Ex Tax:$6.95
After seeing all the guys ogle at Rumi's body during the sports festival, the president's jealousy takes over and he spends a night of passion with his beloved vice president in the storage room. Are the bloomers really to blame!?..
Ex Tax:$6.95
It's the summer holidays! Will the president be able to control himself after seeing his beloved vice-president in a sexy bikini?..
Ex Tax:$8.25
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