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Yumeki Banana
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Artist: Yumeki Banana
The bounds of Kaori's love for her husband are tested when he reveals that for his upcoming birthday, he'd like to act out a long-held fantasy of watching another man bang his wife in front of him. She doesn't understand what's so titillating about cuckoldry, but if it makes him happy...Artist State..
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Artist: Yumeki Banana
Having gotten a taste of cuckoldry, Kaori's husband escalates his demands and asks her to record herself being propositioned for no-strings-attached sex at a bar. The innocent housewife ends up being taken home by two pickup artists and having her first threesome, complete with cosplay and sex toys!..
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Artist: Yumeki Banana
Kaori hits it off with one of the men from her threesome a while ago, and when he asks her out on a date, she enthusiastically agrees - with her husband's permission, of course. But Ryoya thinks they might be getting a bit too close.....
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Artist: Yumeki Banana
The ménage à trois between Kaori, Ryoya, and Tomoki is getting complicated, and she decides to come clean to her lover about her relationship status. At the same time, the demure Kaori is starting to show her husband a much more dominating side in the bedroom.....
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Artist: Yumeki Banana
Hajime’s been dating his high school sweetheart for ten years and she’s the only woman he has experience with. That is, until the drab but busty new hire makes a move on him…..
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