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Yumeki Banana

Author: Yumeki Banana
Kaori hits it off with one of the men from her threesome a while ago, and when he asks her out on a date, she enthusiastically agrees - with her husband's permission, of course. But Ryoya thinks they might be getting a bit too close.....
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Author: Yumeki Banana
The bounds of Kaori's love for her husband are tested when he reveals that for his upcoming birthday, he'd like to act out a long-held fantasy of watching another man bang his wife in front of him. She doesn't understand what's so titillating about cuckoldry, but if it makes him happy...Artist State..
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Author: Yumeki Banana
Having gotten a taste of cuckoldry, Kaori's husband escalates his demands and asks her to record herself being propositioned for no-strings-attached sex at a bar. The innocent housewife ends up being taken home by two pickup artists and having her first threesome, complete with cosplay and sex toys!..
Ex Tax:$8.95
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