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Yuuki Ringo

Author: Yuuki Ringo
Sakekawa's a regular at the soapland and hostess bar a few towns away. It's his lucky day when he bumps into two new recruits, Kaoru and Ami Kumano, the wife and daughter of the bully who made his years in high school a living hell. Of course, Sakekawa's former bully doesn't know about this. How far..
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Author: Yuuki Ringo
The sequel to 'Red Light District: MILF/Daughter NTR".Sakekawa has Kaoru and Ami in the palm of his hand through blackmail, but he needs an extra push to make them truly his obedient cockslaves. Luckily he gets his hands on some expensive rare aphrodisiacs... Will they resist, or will they break?..
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Author: Yuuki Ringo
The third installment of Yuuki Ringo's "Red Light District: MILF/Daughter NTR" series. Kaoru waits for the perfect opportunity to rescue Ami, but Ami may be too far gone and Sakekawa has the upper hand. Will Kaoru lose herself to the pleasure just like Ami...?..
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