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Social Studies Practice Classes

Social Studies Practice Classes
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Social Studies Practice Classes
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Souta is in love with his teacher. He worries that she's not serious about their relationship, but she shows him she's ready to take it to the next step...

  • Author: Akari Blast!
  • Pages: 41
  • Japanese Title: 女教師と男子生徒部分統合


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* The contents of this work is a work of fiction. All characters depicted herein are at least 18 years of age despite creative liberties on the part of the author that may suggest otherwise. This work is not intended for sale to minors.
Everyone in the neighborhood knows about Kazuyoshi's young, attractive, and busty mother, but having a single parent isn't all roses as both of them h..
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Jun thought he'd scored a lucky win when he managed to successfully pick up a buxom beauty outside of a coffee shop, but he had no idea that he was wa..
Ex Tax:$8.95
A schlubby, awkward student gets fed up with being pushed around by a pair of bullies and decides to strike back with a counterattack on his own...
Ex Tax:$8.25
Feeling sexually frustrated and horny, Mrs. Ayano decides to rent a "Boy Toy" to fuck her brains out. He comes over to do exactly that. If a horny hou..
Ex Tax:$5.95
Takahisa just divorced, but her husband is still staying with her until he can find a new place. Surely he won't notice if she has sex with a coworker..
Ex Tax:$5.95
Reika is a mangaka who channels her horniness into her work. But when she finally meets her deadlines, she relies on her brother to let the steam off...
Ex Tax:$6.25
Yuu's friend found out that his step-sister is a famous ero mangaka, and she becomes her assistant. In the process though, she realizes that she has s..
Ex Tax:$6.25
After missing out on an all-you-can-eat dessert buffet, childhood friends Asa, Rina, and Toya are offered a new dessert to try for free, only to find ..
Ex Tax:$7.95
Tsukushi and Kaoru go on a summer vacation packed with lovey-dovey sex and unearthed feelings. Does Kaoru love Tsukushi? And if he does, is that love ..
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Spring Sunset Merry-Go-Round
Irodori Sakura
After falling in love with his straight best friend, Haruka hasn't been able to move on. When he makes an appointment with a call boy to get some acti..
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A voluptuous teacher "educates" her son after he uses an app on her to satisfy his sexual desires...
Ex Tax:$6.25
Suzuri has always used her huge boobs to get what she wants. When she overhears a classmate say he cares more about brains than boobs, how far will sh..
Ex Tax:$5.95
Hina doesn’t get along with her little brother. But one day when her friend makes a move on him, all three end up becoming a lot… closer than they eve..
Ex Tax:$8.95
The scandalous swimming lessons continue! This time, Mitsuki's sadistic instructor has a card up his sleeve that she'd give anything to keep her husba..
Ex Tax:$6.25
New! Irodori Feng-Li
Ex Tax:$7.25
After graduating high school, Kenji decides to return to his hometown in the countryside in hopes of finding out why Tomo had left without a trace nea..
Ex Tax:$5.25
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