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Kaname 09
Author: Locon
Ex Tax:$9.25
Mariko and Nijiro 1
Pre-Order Romance Centric
Author: Rasen Kyofukaku
【Artist Introducton】Hello, My name is Rasen Kyofukaku. I like drawing stories about guys being led on by cute girls. It's not easy to draw manga but I do enjoy drawing what I love. I hope you will all enjoy my works. I'd greatly appreciate if you will also follow me and support me on ..
Ex Tax:$7.25
Mon quotidien dépravé avec l’insatiable reine des démons (FRENCH)
Irodori Citron Pre-Order
Author: Puuzaki Puuna
Artist Statement:Nice to meet you all! My name is Puuzaki Puuna. I'm an illustrator and a mangaka.Thanks to all of your support, I was able to create a figure of Miyuki, from "The Shy Snow Woman and the Cursed Ring". I'm working on the sequel so please look forward to it! You can keep up t..
Ex Tax:$7.95
Author: Amatusae
Artist Statement: Hello, my name is Amatsusae, and I'm a Japanese doujinshi artist. I love to draw about anal. I hope you enjoy my works! ..
Ex Tax:$5.95
The Bond Between a Nerdy Omega and a Delinquent Alpha ~First Night~
New! Romance Centric
Author: Kodaka Kazuma
Artist Statement: Hello, Kodaka Kazuma here. I've had some of my commerical works published overseas before, but this is the first time my doujins are being published overseas. The format of these stories are much shorter, so I'm nervous whether my foreign fans will be happy with that?&nbs..
Ex Tax:$8.25
A Heroine's Isekai Monster Wives Harem 4
Irodori Sakura
Acting Up: An Actress × Manager Lust Story
Irodori Sakura
Author: Nectar
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Author: Amane Ruri
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