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My Friend's Dad's a Hunk 9
New! Irodori Sakura
It’s been weeks since Takumi has seen Yuusuke and it’s driving him nuts. So when Akira comes to him and tells him to lay into his dad about snoring, Takumi tells Yuusuke to come meet him later in the day for a strict dressing down. Yuusuke does come, but instead of a lecture, the two open up and bef..
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Artist: Kuroe
When the beautiful Tsukino Wakura spurns Hajime Amamiya’s overtures of courtship, he takes revenge by financially devastating her family and taking her as his “guest” until he is made whole. While she patiently endures his torment, she is “maid” to suffer a new humilation…..
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Artist: Freedom Prophet
Suguru has a passion for writing novels and uses it as an escape from the campus life he dreads. When he catches someone reading his work, he’s worried that he’ll be mocked and derided. Instead, she shows genuine interest in his writing. One thing leads to another, and the two of them soon find them..
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The four cock-hungriest (not to mention dead-brokest) gyarus are back on your doorstep, begging to invade your place one last time! (But what that means is up for debate...)..
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Artist: Amane Ruri
Yuu is caught off guard when he sees Big Sis Yuzu for the first time in a while, so much so that he gives her the cold shoulder. But Yuzu wants to spend quality time with Yuu, just like they used to…..
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Dicking Down My Straight Coworker 3 -Tables Turn with Tender Love-
New! Irodori Sakura
Artist: Ichi
Things seem to be going well for Keisuke and Takeshi. They’re meeting on the regular to get down and dirty with no issues on the horizon. That is until Takeshi’s boss tells him one day that he’s going to be shipped off to a new branch of their company. He tells Keisuke and he takes it very, very har..
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Artist: Souryu
In which Professor Seichin extols the nutritional virtues of semen (or lack thereof.)..
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Artist: Shayo
Our undercover actor’s next assignment is Yuina, a gyaru with a rebellious streak. Can he sort out her daddy issues by playing the role of the perfect Daddy?..
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Artist: inari mochi
Sayaka comes along with Kondo on to visit his hometown in the countryside. He recalls one summer he spent with a mysterious, tall, and horny lady, Miss Shakuhachi, the blowjob spirit...
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Yuta’s father asks for a divorce and leaves the family. Now that Yuta and Kaori are finally alone, they can get as steamy as they want any time of day, but is that enough to truly be happy?..
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Artist: Amane Ruri
Take a peak into the winter night of a pair college sweethearts. It might be a tight squeeze, but bath time is always fun when it's with someone you love...
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Artist: Siokogashi
At a prestigious academy that’s focused on producing strong, independent women who can take society by storm, someone has a problem. Nozomi Kanekura just can’t stop masturbating. She tries keeping her feelings suppressed but it’s just not working out. When her secret is discovered, it leads to a big..
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Heaven Cums to Those Who Wait 4 -The One with Pure Love in a Secret Room-
New! Irodori Sakura
Artist: MIZUKI
Haruto tells off Yuugo when he tries to put the moves on him at work and warns Yuugo that his antics might end in him receiving an awful punishment. The very next day, that punishment comes in the form of an announcement that Yuugo will be transferred to another office on the other side of the count..
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Alice in Impregnation Land
New! Romance Centric
When Alice wakes up after losing her memories, she finds herself in a magical forest. The guardian of the forest, Punitz, takes her in and discovers that she has an ability unique to females: to give birth to new life...
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Artist: Usagi Nagomu
The last installment in The Everlasting Elf of the Evening trilogy, following the scholar and his unwavering determination to have Roselina to himself...
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Artist: Onizuka Chris
Hayato has a crush on his classmate, Saya. However, he decides not to confess after hearing a rumor that she was dating another guy. Time passes, and he falls in love with a beautiful woman named Kyouka, marrying her. However, after Saya gets a job at the same place as Kyouka, the two girls hit it o..
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TSUKUMO - Original Illustrations
New! Irodori Aqua
Artist: Namaniku ATK
Namaniku ATK is back with a series of color illustrations featuring robot girls from every angle!..
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Hajime’s epic superpowers got him through countless battles in another world, but after he comes back, his hardest battle yet might be with a childhood friend thirsting after his dick!..
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Artist: Tiranu
Mayu may be miniature, but she now loves her boyfriend's dad's giant cock! So when he invites her to go on a summer vacation with him and her boyfriend Riku, how can she turn down a chance to get pumped full of cum by the beach?..
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And the Spring Bird Sings No More 1
New! Irodori Sakura
Artist: Chirinu Iroha
There is a temple deep in the mountains where prying eyes cannot reach, and people are few and far between. Here is where Tokiwa, the head priest's daughter, and Touka, her brother's wife, indulge in each other's company in blissful solitude...Artist StatementTokiwa and Touka share a secret... They ..
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Maika and Sho’s kinky winter break comes to an end. Once Maika returns from her vacation with their Master the couple will have to return to their normal lives… But can they?..
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Artist: Unadon
To combat the drastic drop in birth rates, the government has enacted a special measure to put the few remaining men in the country to use. While it may seem completely unbelievable as a government program, special tickets are given out to men that allow them to all the bareback sex they could ever ..
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