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3 vs 1 Volleyball Match 1
Author: Ayakase Chiyoko
Special Announcement:Ayakase Chiyoko has decided to make this work FREE TO READ on the Irodori Comics Store!*You can also buy it to own a DRM-Free version of the work!After reading this work for free, you can buy 3 vs 1 Volleyball Match 2 for 30% OFF via the Online Reader discoun..
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Imaizumi Brings All The Gyarus To His House 1
Author: Norigorou
Special Announcement:Norigorou has decided to make this work FREE TO READ on the Irodori Comics Store!*You can also buy it to own a DRM-Free version of the work!After reading this work for free, you can buy Imaizumi Brings All The Gyarus To His House 2 for 20% OFF via the Online Reader dis..
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My Harem in Another World Season 1 Episode 1
Author: Ootori Mahiro
Special Announcement:Ootori Mahiro has decided to make this work FREE TO READ on the Irodori Comics Store!* You can also buy it and own a DRM-Free version of the work for just 10cents!After reading this work for free, you can buy the My Harem in Another World Season 1 Anthology for 50..
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Post-Lesson Treats
Author: Momoko
With college entrance exams on the horizon, Saori has to get serious about her studies. Knowing that her daughter won't be able to focus in a group environment, like a cram school, Saori's mother hires a tutor. And he's hot. What is a girl to do?Note: This is a non erotic prequel to "Post-Test Treat..
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Wild Chronicles - Darkest Desire: Chapter 1
Author: Kurosu Gatari
Special Announcement:Kurosu Gatari has decided to make this work FREE TO READ on the Irodori Comics Store!*You can also buy it to own a DRM-Free version of the work!After reading this work for free, you can buy Wild Chronicles - Darkest Desire: Chapter 2 for 20% OFF via..
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Author: Haiba Nemumi
Ever since Yanaka was young, he's had a thing for feet. It all began when a game of the popular kids' pastime, the "electric massage", went "wrong". But when Yanaka is reunited with his childhood friend Sakura Mandagi again in high school, things start to get frisky when she reminisces about old tim..
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Gyarus Reap What They Sow
Author: Aiue Oka
Special Announcement:Aiue Oka has decided to make this work FREE TO READ on the Irodori Comics Store!*We hope this initiative will encourage more people to check out the quality of officially localized English doujinshi.*You must be logged in to read the work for free. This work is a non-downloadabl..
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Author: Bifidus
By the time the MC fell for his underclassman, Yuki Nishimura, she had already gotten herself a boyfriend. Trying to forget about her, he tries to date other women, but it just never seems to work out. Tired from everything, the MC decides to go on a hot springs trip but Yuki suggests to tag along....
Ex Tax:$6.25
Author: sorono
Who doesn't love maids? Or elves? And when you combine them, things get even more wonderful in this lovey-dovey vanilla romp. A young elven girl ends up being sheltered by a wealthy family when war breaks out, and in honest gratitude, she decides to become their maid! She quickly falls in love with ..
Ex Tax:$5.25
La tante que j’ai toujours aimée (FRENCH)
Irodori Citron
Author: MILF Shobou
*This work is in French. For the English version, click here.Synopsis : Manami, mère de famille, a pour habitude de s’occuper de son neveu. Le sachant malade, elle accourt à son chevet pour prendre soin de lui, mais ce dernier a des demandes bien particulières… Elle était loin de se douter..
Ex Tax:$9.95
Mr. Degenerate
Irodori Sakura
Author: dotsuco
Toushin's boyfriend Takumi has an insatiable sex drive. To push Takumi to his limit, he proposes a week of abstinence to experience a day of ecstasy!..
Ex Tax:$6.95
No Guard Wife 2
Irodori Aqua
Author: Yano Toshinori
Juri and Kouki have been living in marital bliss as newlyweds. And Juri is obsessed with one thing: earning a bashful reaction from her hubby! But Kouki always finds a way to up the ante and winds up making Juri coo with affection. See who winds up blushing first as they spend a lovey-dovey day off ..
Ex Tax:$5.45
Author: Denchi
If you want some special one-on-one time with Mikuru of the Sweet Little Devils bordello, you'd better have read up on the fine print. What'll empty out first - your balls or your wallet?..
Ex Tax:$7.25
Author: Yoshu Ohepe
Shouichi’s co-worker Shinobu is in her 30s and has been through one divorce. She has enough experience to know exactly what she wants and exactly who can give it to her...
Ex Tax:$4.95
Author: Ayakase Chiyoko
After my father remarried, I moved in with my step-mom and step-sister. They're both kind, pretty, and... Succubi!? Mom, don't touch me there! Sis, why are you licking my nipples?..
Ex Tax:$7.25
Author: Tachibana Omina
Naoki Oikawa was busily fapping away to his naughty porn mags when he was suddenly transported to a fantasy world filled with demon lords, monsters, and… sexy babes? Join the ostensible MC-turned-hero as he helps his comrades defeat the demon lord by using the power of his own semen!..
Ex Tax:$9.25
Author: Tomokichi
A war between the Elves and Orcs continue to rage on across the land. The Orc troops had captured many female Elves, whom they raped and turned into sex slaves. In an effort to overcome this impasse, the Elven Princess Knight Lylliel stood up to fight against the Orc forces. Unfortunately she was de..
Ex Tax:$7.25
Author: Shituzhi
Machida transfers to a school where he's the only guy, and two girls can't get enough of him!..
Ex Tax:$10.25
Author: Narusawa Kei
Kei and Akari have gotten into a regular routine of sex, but when she has to go away for the weekend for an overnight field trip she worries he might be lonely without her. She shouldn't worry, though, since the usually quiet Tsuzumi has every intention to keep him busy for the weekend in her sister..
Ex Tax:$7.95
Shinji, being the good friend that he is, decides to make a video message starring the voluptuous twins Yumi and Nami, for his recently-dumped friend, Naoto. But seeing the twins in their bikinis might just change the video message to a porno... Twin Milf Additional Episode +1 is Tatsunami Youtoku's..
Ex Tax:$5.25
Author: Watanuki Ron
Misa's always been a little narcoleptic. She falls asleep at the most inconvenient times, even during sex! Despite that, she's just insatiable, and happily has one night stands with strangers just to get a place to sleep. But things start to get more complicated when she realizes her co-worker Doi h..
Ex Tax:$6.25
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