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Transferred to the Gyaru Academy Chapter 1

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Sadamichi Imada has always dreamed of teaching at an all-girls school—a wish that comes true when he's transferred to Kurosugi Girls Academy. But there may be a teeny-tiny problem... his class is packed with nothing but bronzer-abusing gyarus! He barely has time to process a decade of gyaru-inflicted PTSD before problem student number one—the bubbly (and low-key horny) Mariko Kuroi solicits him for a quicky after school, and the other girls are quick to follow! Can Imacchi be professional in these uncharted waters teeming with thirsty thots, or are they going to drag him down with him!?

Pages: 27

Japanese Title: ブラック学校に勤めてしまった先生1話

*All characters depicted herein are 18 years old or older, notwithstanding creative liberties on the part of the artist that may suggest otherwise.

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