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Nontaro Nonjiro
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Artist Introduction

Nice to meet you, my name is Nonta Nontajiro. I hope you enjoy my masterpiece! I like to play games when I'm not drawing manga.

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Legit Fall in Love, Like, Srsly
SALE! Romance Centric
Artist: Nontaro Nonjiro
Miki Shirakawa’s a tough gal with a great tan, a great mind, and artistic sense. She also has a great big secret that she can never tell anyone… She’s into her teacher! After graduation, he still has a hold on her heart until one night….Artist StatementThis is porn, but there's a romantic plot, so I..
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The Singleton and the Stud
Romance Centric
Artist: Nontaro Nonjiro
In this sweet yet steamy meet-cute story, singleton Azusa is enjoying an after-work drink at the bar when Kosuke -- a guy who happens to be exactly her cup of tea -- happens onto the scene. When it turns out Kosuke's been glancing across the bar at her, too, Azusa finds herself torn between her..
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