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Abe Inori

Inseminators for Hire

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Despite being busty and beautiful, Teruyo is still a virgin at 27... Until she finds out about the "inseminators for hire", a group of old men who can satisfy any client with their sexual prowess and techniques.

Artist Statement:

I came up with the idea of "Inseminators For Hire" due to the catchy way the title sounded. But what started out as some meme-like curiosity has spanned into a multi-series work and it's even getting an official English publication with the help of Irodori Comics, so that's been a surprise.

The world of "Inseminators For Hire" and the women and men in it, is indeed a fascinating place. I hope you all enjoy the works!

Date/Convention: C92

Pages: 27

Japanese Title: 

*All characters depicted herein are 18 years old or older, notwithstanding creative liberties on the part of the artist that may suggest otherwise.

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